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Re-Painted Slide Tower
Re-Painted Slide Tower

Serving municipalities, hotels, campgrounds and private water parks world-wide, we specialize in restoration, rejuvenation, refinishing and repair services. We are the only water slide restoration company that manufactures its own products that are specifically formulated to bring back the WET LOOK SHINE to color faded water slides, aquatic play features and water slide towers.Applying SlideRenu

  • SLIDE RESTORATION SERVICES – Professionally clean, descale, polish/compound and wax your water slide.
  • SLIDE REJUVENATION SERVICES – Apply our "one of a kind" clear chlorine resistant coating, Chlora Shield™, to bring back the permanent WET LOOK SHIINE to the interior and exterior surfaces of your water slide and aquatic play features. Permanently seals gel-coat to prevent further oxidation and color fading.
  • SLIDE REFINISHING SERVICES – Refinish your slide with our proprietary "3 Coat System"; ABC Primer™,
    Color Shield™ finish and Chlora Shield™ clear protective chlorine resistant sealer.
  • FIBERGLASS REPAIR – Fix gel-coat and fiberglass surface imperfections, i.e. chips, scratches, dents and Applying SlideRenucracks using our SlidePatch™ Water Slide Repair Kit. See Defects in Fiberglass to identify the type of imperfections you may have.
  • PERMANANETLY SEAL JOINTS - Create one continuous "seamless" joint between ride sections using SlideRenu® Pema-Joint™ Sealer. Guaranteed NOT TO LEAK FOR 5 YEARS or your money back!
  • SLIDE TOWER CLEANING - Professionally apply StairBrite™ to clean and brighten aluminum, fiberglass and concrete stair treads slide towers and replace worn out non-slip areas with StairTape™.

Our services can also be bundled into an annual maintenance contract by completing the Opening Day Preventative Maintenance Quote Specification.

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