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SlideRenu ScaleShield Electronic Scale Removal System Product Data Sheet.

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ScaleShield™ Electronic Water Slide Scale Removal System

This environmentally friendly and maintenance-free technology will remove existing mineral deposits and prevent the formation of new scale buildup on water slides, aquatic play structures and water park plumbing systems.

Just like municipal water treatment plants, water parks process millions of gallons of water a day. One of the biggest problems facing water park management today is the effect calcium fouling or lime-scale buildup has on the park's most vital assets and the effect hard water has as an irritant on the customer's overall experience.

Over time, calcium finds its way through the entire water system and begins to increase the water processing cost. Some of the best collectors of calcium deposits are pumps, heating elements and piping, not to mention the interior surfaces of water slides and the exterior surfaces of aquatic play features. Furthermore, since calcium is a thermal insulator, it causes the heating elements of either gas or electronic pool heaters to work overtime and at much higher temperatures. These elements start to fail prematurely and, in some environments, have been known to acculumate an inch of scale in just a few months! Energy costs can skyrocket where the scale builds up to 1 inch. This has the effect of a 95% reduction in heat transfer which virtually doubles the energy cost for the heating unit.

Water slides and aquatic splashground play features cannot escape the grip of hard water scale buildup either. They are notorious for attracting calcium which leads to surface oxidation and the eventual permanent loss of color. All of these conditions are the result of impurities found in process water. Mineral deposits from impurities build up on the interior walls of water feed pipes and on the exterior surfaces of water slides and aquatic play structures. These mineral deposits, commonly referred to as scale or lime scale, consist primarily of calcium and magnesium. Other solids and bacteria from many sources contribute also to the impurities of process water. Left unattended, scale build-up reduces water flow to these aquatic features increasing energy usage, maintenance costs, down time and permanently damaging the high gloss finish of your slides.

Treating process water to reduce mineral impurities may be accomplished either by adding chemicals or physically adding ions to impure particles. The latter technology prohibits crystalline formation and particle build-up. Physically changing the ion composition of process water as an effective method to remove impurities has been used for decades to treat a variety of industrial water processing systems, e.g. cooling towers, heat exchangers, boilers, air conditioners, chillers, furnaces, etc.


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