Use SlideRenu® Products to solve common water park problems

Listed below are common issues found on water slides, towers, aquatic play units and soft play features. SlideRenu® sells products so you can "do it yourself", or we can do it for you!

Our services also include inspections, repairs, resurfacing and maintenance to help you operate safely and efficiently. Ask about our annual "Opening Day" maintenance program!

Contact us if you would like a no-obligation quotation to resurface, or professionally wax your water slides.

Description Solution SlideRenu®
rethemed water slide Retheming - Utilize our services to completely change the look of your slides or structures. Contact us for more information
dull faded water slide Color fading, dull slides
Ask us how we can bring your water slides back to life!™
SlideRenu® Coating System SlideRenu coating system
scale buildup Scale buildup, mineral deposits (white haze)
Clean with Calcitrol™ Calcitrol
Accumulated dirt, surface contaminants, leaf stains, water shoe marks and other unwanted residue Clean with SlideDetergent™ SlideDetergent
slide tower steps Slippery steps, missing or worn stair tape Apply StairTape™ and Edge Curl Adhesive SlideTape
oxidized tower stairs Oxidation, dirt, grime, surface contaminants on aluminum stairs and surfaces Clean with StairBrite™ StairBrite
speed slide Slow speed slides Maintain with SlideGloss™ SlideGloss
leaking water slide joint Leaking joints Seal joints with PermaSeam™
cracked water slide Slide cracks Fill minor surface imperfections with SlidePutty™ SlidePutty
hole in water slide Holes, gouges Repair with SlidePatch™ SlidePatch
winterized water slide Winterizing Protect with SlideArmor™ SlideArmor