Water Park Maintenance Services

Water Slides:
Ride path resurfacing | Exterior recoating | Polishing and waxing | Fiberglass seam repair | Opening day maintenance program

Slide Towers:
Repainting/Rustproofing | Stair tread maintenance
FRP Replacement: Stairs and Platforms

Aquatic Play Units:
Repainting | Replacement parts | Cleaning

Splash Park Features:
Fiberglass repairs | Cleaning | Soft surface refurbishing

Aquatic Play Surfaces:
Removal & replacement | Cleaning

SlideRenu Color Chart

SlideRenu color chart

Chart of colors available for:

  • Water Slides
  • Aquatic Play Features
  • Water Slide Towers
  • Concrete Slides

SlideRenu® Limited Warranty

AquaShield Products, LLC products are guaranteed up to 5 years against excessive color fading, chalking, peeling, cracking or blistering when applied under the supervision of a AquaShield Products, LLC representative.

Project Galleries

Take a look at several "before" and "after" projects. We'd love to add your project to our gallery!

SlideRenu projects

DIY Residential Slide Products

Residential Slide before and after           Residential Slide before and after

Before and after using SlideRenu®'s Slide Resurfacing and Restoration Products.
Custom colors are available in gallons only at an additional charge. Please call us at 614-948-2554 for details and pricing.

"Do it Yourself" Consulation and Customized Recommendations

SlideRenu® offers a free, no-obligation DIY consultation and customized recommendations for resurfacing or refinishing your water slides. Depending on the condition of your slide as well as what your desired outcome is, we will provide you with the solution you need.

Residential Slide before and after
The following steps will ensure that the products we recommend are accurate based on your desired outcome:

  • Send a photo of the current status of your slide to sales@SlideRenu.com
  • Describe what kind of outcome you are looking for. For example – achieve a smoother ride, slippery ride, de-scale, re-paint etc.
  • Provide your contact information
  • Please allow 1-2 days for someone to get in touch with you to discuss a solution.
  • If you have any questions, refer them to our sales department by sending an email to sales@SlideRenu.com or call 614-948-2554

Our Products

The products listed below are recommended for residential slide resurfacing and restoration. All products listed below are formulated to restore, resurface, rejuvenate or repair slides up to 20' in length.

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SlideRenu® Resurfacing Products

Use on fiberglass and concrete slides to clean, descale, resurface and seal interior surface. 
SlideDetergent™ Heavy Duty Cleaner $17.49/pint
Calcitrol™ Scale Remover $29.99/pint
ABC Primer (optional)
Recommended for residential slides that are severely
worn or have exposed fiberglass strands.
ColorShield™ UV4 Chlorine-Resistant Water Slide PolySilox Gelcoat paint
Standard Colors: Traffic White, Star Blue, Light Blue, Signal Blue
**Custom colors are available in a gallon for an additional charge.
ChloraShield™GCS12 Polyurethane Gelcoat Sealer $75.00/quart
Supplies Required: Scrub pads, wax applicator, stir sticks, mixing cups, sanding mask
and gloves, clean rags, small foam roller and tray, lacquer thinner.

SlideRenu® Restoration Products

Use on fiberglass and concrete slides to clean, descale, polish, wax & shine interior surface.
SlideDetergent™ Heavy Duty Cleaner $17.49/pint
Calcitrol™ Scale Remover $29.99/pint
SlideGloss™ Sprayable Water Repellant Finishing Wax $24.99/pint
SlideCompound™ Water Slide Oxidation Remover $29.99/pint
SlideWax™ Water Slide Wax $39.99/pint
Supplies Required: Sandpaper, mixing cups.

Limited Warranty

SlideRenu® products are guaranteed up to 5 years against excessive color fading, chalking, peeling, cracking or blistering when properly applied under the supervision of an AquaShield Products, LLC representative. For further details, please refer to the Limited Product Warranty.

For more in-depth information...

Contact SlideRenu's® Technical Service Department at 440-781-0051 or email at sales@SlideRenu.com

About Us

AquaShield Products, LLC is an innovative specialty slide care maintenance company that provides proprietary restoration coatings, maintenance products and application services that resurface, protect and rejuvenate dull color faded water slides and aquatic play features. The company also offers a variety of cleaning and coating solutions for fiberglass, plastic, metal and wood that maintain and beautify dry and wet amusement ride attractions.

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